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RotoSpa WiFi Control Unit

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Elevate Your Spa Experience with Spanet WiFi Controller: Seamless Convenience and Control

Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury by effortlessly managing your spa experience with the Spanet SmartLink WiFi Controller. This innovative device, coupled with the SpaLink app, empowers you to control and customize your spa remotely, offering unparalleled convenience and relaxation.

Unlocking the Potential with Spanet SmartLink WiFi Controller:

  1. Remote Spa Control Anytime, Anywhere:

    • Control your spa from any location with the SpaLink app, ensuring your spa is ready for relaxation before you even step inside your home.
  2. Intuitive Integration with SV Controller:

    • Seamlessly connect the SmartLink module to any SV controller, bridging the gap between the app server and your spa through your home WiFi network.
  3. Wireless Spa Management with SpaLink App:

    • Transform your smartphone into a wireless spa remote using the SpaLink app, allowing you to adjust temperature, control pumps, set LED lights, and more.
  4. Effortless Voice Control with MySpaPool Integration:

    • Link your SpaLink app to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling simple voice commands for spa control.
  5. Real-time Updates and Push Notifications:

    • Stay informed about your spa's health with real-time updates and push notifications, ensuring prompt attention to any changes in status.
  6. Smart Energy-Efficient Operation:

    • Optimize energy savings by selecting operating modes, eliminating unnecessary heating or filtration during periods of non-use.
    • Smart Meter-ready for efficient energy consumption and compatibility with off-peak power tariffs or solar energy.
  7. Remote Technical Assistance and Support:

    • Activate the support PIN within the SpaLink app for secure remote assistance, providing access for diagnostics, adjustments, and comprehensive support.
  8. Complete Spa Control Customization:

    • The SpaLink app grants you full control over spa settings, ensuring a personalized and tailored spa experience remotely.

Step into the Future of Spa Control with Spanet SmartLink WiFi: Your Gateway to Unmatched Relaxation and Control.

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