RotoSpa QuatroSpa - 5-6 Persons - Revamped Living
RotoSpa QuatroSpa - 5-6 Persons
RotoSpa QuatroSpa - 5-6 Persons - Revamped Living
RotoSpa QuatroSpa - 5-6 Persons - Revamped Living
RotoSpa QuatroSpa - 5-6 Persons - Revamped Living
RotoSpa QuatroSpa - 5-6 Persons - Revamped Living
RotoSpa QuatroSpa - 5-6 Persons - Revamped Living

RotoSpa QuatroSpa - 5-6 Persons

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Immerse in Family Bliss with the RotoSpa QuatroSpa – Your Garden Sanctuary

Elevate your outdoor space with the RotoSpa QuatroSpa, a portable spa that transcends mere relaxation. It's not just a hot tub; it's a retreat where family bonds grow stronger, stress dissolves, and tranquillity reigns supreme.

Top 10 Reasons to Opt for QuatroSpa:

  1. Seats 5-6 for abundant family bonding.
  2. 11 jets deliver a rejuvenating hydrotherapy massage.
  3. Crafted in England for unparalleled quality.
  4. Compact size, ideal for patio-friendly placement.
  5. Energy-efficient design, slashing up to 35% off daily running costs.
  6. Customizable jet pressure for a tailored massage experience.
  7. Convenient WiFi app controls available (additional cost).
  8. Low-maintenance, prioritizing enjoyment over upkeep.
  9. Ozone sanitation ensures crystal-clear spa water.
  10. Affordable finance options for budget-friendly relaxation.

Ergonomic Comfort for Ultimate Relaxation: Designed with contoured seats, the QuatroSpa guarantees ultimate comfort. Immerse yourself in the UltraMassage lounger after a long day and let the 11-jet system provide a head-to-toe soothing experience.

Hydro Jets – Personalized Massage Bliss: Bid farewell to daily stress as the QuatroSpa's hydro jets precisely target and alleviate tense muscles. With adjustable pressure options, tailor your soak for optimal wellness and relaxation.

Your Garden, Your Staycation Oasis: Transform your patio into a private resort oasis – no need to travel. The QuatroSpa invites you to luxuriate in a vacation-like experience without leaving the comfort of home. Imagine soaking in heated water under a starlit sky – your personal slice of paradise.

Illuminate Your Evenings: Enhance your relaxation with customizable multi-colour lighting. Whether vibrant hues for lively family evenings or soothing blues for a tranquil soak, the QuatroSpa lets you set the mood.

Low-Maintenance Luxury: Owning a QuatroSpa is designed to be stress-free. With easy water care, your focus remains on enjoying the spa, not maintaining it. RotoSpa's UK-based team ensures assistance is always just a call away.

Affordable Garden Wellness: RotoSpa ensures owning a personal spa oasis is achievable and budget-friendly. The QuatroSpa, compact and portable, seamlessly fits into your life and patio, delivering luxury without breaking the bank. Dive into affordable garden wellness with the QuatroSpa and rejuvenate your outdoor living.

 Key Features and Specifications:

  • Size: 2000 mm x 740 mm, perfectly suited for patios and gardens.
  • Weight: 160 kg empty, 1160 kg filled with H2O.
  • Capacity: 1000 litres of soothing water.
  • Jets: 11 in the luxury hydrojet package, including a 15-jet ultra master massage, 6 x 2” shoulder and upper back massage jets, and various other targeted jets for a personalized experience.
  • Seating: 5-6 Persons with a master seat and bench seating area.
  • Electrical Supply: 240V 13 amp ‘plug & play’ or alternative 240V 16 amp hardwired.
  • Heating: 2kW Titanium corrosion-resistant heating element.
  • Pump: Efficient 2.5HP Hi-Flow pump.
  • Controls: Digital touchpad, lockable for convenience.
  • Lights: 12 mood-setting LED colours for a captivating ambiance.
  • Insulation: Revolutionary ultra-high blow polyethylene foam insulation throughout the entire cabinet, spa base, and rear of the spa shell.
  • Water Care: Sanitizing ozone technology for pristine spa water.
  • Cover: Lockable cover to keep things cosy.
  • Air Control: ‘Silent’ air control system adjusts the air stream in hydro jets, enhancing massage intensity.

Luxurious Hydrotherapy Experience: Indulge in the ultimate hydrotherapy experience with the QuatroSpa 11 jets, meticulously designed for a variety of massages. The ultra master massage, shoulder and upper back jets, rotating and directional massage jets, and a dedicated footwell ozone jet create a comprehensive and personalized relaxation session.

Spacious Seating for Social Retreat: With seating for 5-6 persons, including a master seat and bench seating area, the QuatroSpa is ideal for socializing and unwinding with family and friends. The ergonomic design ensures each seat provides maximum comfort for an unforgettable spa experience.

Energy-Efficient and Easy to Control: Powered by a 2.5HP Hi-Flow pump and featuring a Titanium corrosion-resistant heating element, the QuatroSpa is not only powerful but also energy-efficient. The digital touchpad controls, lockable for security, offer user-friendly operation, putting you in command of your spa experience.

Captivating Ambiance and Cosy Design: Enhance your spa sessions with 12 mood-setting LED colours, creating a captivating ambiance for relaxation. The lockable cover ensures the spa stays cosy, and the revolutionary insulation keeps the water temperature just right.

Sanitized and Pristine Water: With ozone technology for water care, the QuatroSpa maintains a hygienic environment, allowing you to enjoy clear and pristine spa water with minimal effort.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living with the QuatroSpa: The RotoSpa QuatroSpa is not just a hot tub; it's a statement of luxury and sophistication. Elevate your outdoor living, create unforgettable moments, and indulge in the ultimate spa experience right in the comfort of your own patio or garden.

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