Origin Storm Ski Trainer - Revamped Living
Origin Storm Ski Trainer - Revamped Living
Origin Storm Ski Trainer - Revamped Living
Origin Storm Ski Trainer - Revamped Living
Origin Storm Ski Trainer - Revamped Living
Origin Storm Ski Trainer - Revamped Living

Origin Storm Ski Trainer

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Experience top-notch performance and unbeatable value with the Origin Storm® Ski Trainer, a standout in the flourishing world of cardio fitness. Ski machines and ski trainers, mimicking the movement of cross-country skiing, offer a distinctive and demanding cardio exercise, making the ski trainer a widely embraced choice.

Choose from three options: Ski Trainer only (wall-mounted), Ski Trainer with Floor Stand, or Floor Stand only (without the ski trainer unit).

Key Features:

  • Challenging full-body workout based on cross-country skiing
  • Floor stand or wall-mounted options
  • Smooth and light cord drive system
  • Adjustable air damper for variable stroke resistance
  • Comprehensive console programs & feedback
  • Bracket to mount a mobile device
  • Wheels for easy manoeuvrability in the gym

Why Opt for the Storm® Indoor Ski Trainer? Here's why the Storm® Ski Trainer is a fitness game-changer:

  1. Entire Workout or WOD Component: Perfect for recovery cardio or longer endurance sessions, the ski trainer is equally effective as a stand-alone station or part of a circuit, CrossFit, or HIIT workout.

  2. Recruits Major Muscle Groups: The cross-country skiing motion engages almost all major muscle groups, providing a unique challenge and a full-body workout.

  3. Low Impact: Offering a low-impact alternative, the ski trainer is ideal for athletes recovering from injuries or those seeking a cross-training option for running or high-impact activities.

  4. High Intensity: Classified as a HIIT cardio product, the ski trainer allows for quick transitions and high-intensity intervals, making it perfect for circuits, group sessions, and HIIT workouts.

Suitable for Commercial or Home Training: Designed to withstand the rigorous demands of commercial facilities, the Storm® Ski Trainer is equally at home in your private garage gym.

Device Mount and Comprehensive Console Feedback: For longer sessions, the Ski Trainer features a mobile device mount above the console for entertainment. The console offers a variety of workout readouts, ensuring users can track their performance effectively.


  • Pulse, time, time/500m avg, watts, distance, distance/30min, calories/hr, watts avg, cycle (interval) Programs:
  • Quick start, distance, time, calories, game, intervals (20/10s, 10/20s, 10/10s)

Floor Stand Available but Can be Wall Mounted: The Ski Trainer can be supplied with a robust floor stand for free-standing use, complete with wheels for easy transportation. Alternatively, it can be wall-mounted for a compact storage solution when not in use.

More Information: 

Drive System: Cord Drive System


  • Pulse
  • Time
  • Time/500m avg
  • Watts
  • Distance
  • Distance/30min
  • Calories/hr
  • Watts avg
  • Cycle (interval)

Resistance Levels: Levels 1-9

Frame: Folded Steel

Resistance System: Adjustable damper

Power Supply: Console Requires 2 x C Cell Batteries


  • Quick Start
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Calories
  • Game
  • Intervals (20/10s, 10/20s, 10/10s)

Connectivity: Yes

AV Entertainment: Mobile Phone Mount

Has Wheels: Yes

Finish: Metal

Dimensions: 1260mm x 590mm x 2186mm

Maximum User Weight: 135kg


  • Wall Mounted: 30.2kg
  • With Floor Stand: 45.2kg

Controls: Enter/Stop, Back, Lap, Select

Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

Shipping Weight:

  • Wall Mounted: 38.5kg
  • With Floor Stand: 55.8kg

Cooling Fan: No

Warranty Type: Commercial Warranty

Commercial Warranty Details:

  • Frame: 5-year limited warranty
  • Electronic parts: 2-year limited warranty (excluding batteries)
  • Mechanical parts: 2-year limited warranty
  • Wearing parts: 2-year limited warranty (excluding ropes)



Condition: New

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