RotoSpa Dura S380 - 5-6 Persons - Revamped Living
RotoSpa Dura S380 - 5-6 Persons
RotoSpa Dura S380 - 5-6 Persons - Revamped Living
RotoSpa Dura S380 - 5-6 Persons - Revamped Living
RotoSpa Dura S380 - 5-6 Persons - Revamped Living
RotoSpa Dura S380 - 5-6 Persons - Revamped Living
RotoSpa Dura S380 - 5-6 Persons - Revamped Living

RotoSpa Dura S380 - 5-6 Persons

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Discover Bliss at Home with DuraSpa S380 Luxury Hot Tub: Your Ultimate Backyard Sanctuary

In today's fast-paced world, finding time for self-care is essential. Introducing the DuraSpa S380 by RotoSpa – a haven of relaxation in your backyard. With room for 6 adults, powerful massage jets, advanced filtration, and energy-efficient design, this square hot tub redefines the art of rejuvenation.

Energy-Efficient Luxury: Save on Costs with Superior Insulation

  • Enjoy up to 35% energy savings with cutting-edge insulation technology.
  • The DuraSpa S380 features 3-4 times thicker insulation for optimal heat retention.
  • An integrated pump and heater work efficiently, reducing power consumption for personalized temperature control.

Flexible Relaxation: Lightweight Design for Effortless Mobility

  • Weighing just 172kg empty, the DuraSpa S380's square shape and plastic construction offer unmatched manoeuvrability.
  • Easily relocate your hot tub without cranes or lorries, maximizing patio space or moving it indoors for added protection.

Eco-Friendly Enjoyment: Crafted from 100% Recyclable Materials

  • The DuraSpa S380 is committed to sustainability, crafted entirely from recyclable materials.
  • The polyethylene shell and structure are 100% recyclable, promoting an eco-conscious approach to hot tub enjoyment.

Simplify Spa Life: Minimal Maintenance, Maximum Enjoyment

  • The DuraSpa S380 streamlines hot tub care, allowing you to focus on relaxation.
  • A simple wipe-down with household cleaners keeps the RotoSpa shell fresh, while the tight insulating cover prevents debris entry.
  • Accessible equipment compartments ensure easy inspection and water testing, reducing maintenance hassles.

Crystal-Clear Waters: Advanced Filtration for Pristine Enjoyment

  • Experience top-tier water quality with a pressurised filtration system and Ozone sanitation, minimizing chemical usage.
  • Eliminate over 99% of bacteria, viruses, and contaminants for refreshing, clear water that nourishes your body.

British Craftsmanship: Handcrafted Excellence for Enduring Quality

  • RotoSpa's commitment to quality spans over two decades, with every hot tub proudly crafted in Britain.
  • Enjoy the efficiency, affordability, and reliability of a true British premium product designed to withstand the UK climate.

Lifetime Assurance: Exclusive Shell Warranty

  • RotoSpa stands by the durability of its hot tubs, offering a lifetime warranty on the impeccable hot tub shells.
  • UV resistance and high-density polyethylene ensure a glossy, smooth finish that endures the test of time.

Hassle-Free Installation: Let Us Handle the Logistics

  • Your DuraSpa S380 includes free delivery (Terms and Conditions apply), complete set-up, and onsite training.
  • Focus on choosing the perfect spot while our professionals take care of the delivery, installation, and training.

Your Oasis Awaits: RotoSpa, Where Wellness Meets Innovation

  • Experience the wellness benefits of a personal hot tub with RotoSpa's innovation.
  • Ideal for busy households seeking a convenient escape that's gentle on the environment and energy bills.

Embrace relaxation on your terms with the DuraSpa S380 by RotoSpa. Your backyard spa oasis is just a step away!

Dimensions and Capacity

  • Size: 1990 x 1990 x 770 mm deep
  • Weight: 172 kg empty, 1222 kg filled with H2O
  • Capacity: 1050 litres of soothing water

Luxurious Hydro Jet Package

  • 38 indulgent hydro jets, including 18 multipoint soft tissue massage turbo air injector jets.
  • Comprehensive jet variety, from directional upper back/shoulder massage jets to rotating mid-back jets and direct sole soothing foot jets.
  • Customizable massage experience with 2-speed pump controls and an 'Intelligent, PowerSmart Spa' control system.

Spacious Seating

  • Designed for 5-6 persons, the DuraSpa S380 offers ample space for socializing or peaceful solitude.
  • Three relaxed headrests enhance comfort, providing optimal support during your spa sessions.

Efficient Electrical Supply and Heating

  • Flexible electrical supply options: 240V 13 amp ‘plug & play’ or alternative 240V 16 amp hard-wired configuration.
  • Powerful 2kW Titanium corrosion-resistant heating element ensures rapid and efficient heating.

State-of-the-Art Pump and Controls

  • Efficient 2.5HP 2-speed pump for a dynamic and customizable water massage experience.
  • 'Silent' air control system adjusts the air stream in hydro jets, enhancing massage intensity.

Illuminating Ambiance

  • Set the mood with 12 mood-setting LED colours, creating a visually appealing and tranquil environment.

Revolutionary Insulation for Energy Efficiency

  • The DuraSpa S380 features revolutionary Ultra-High Blow polyethylene foam insulation throughout the entire cabinet, spa base, and rear of the spa shell.
  • Experience energy efficiency, keeping operational costs in check.

Advanced Water Care and Ozone Technology

  • Enjoy pristine water quality with ozone technology, reducing the need for excessive chemical usage.
  • The spa's filtration system ensures crystal-clear water, promoting a healthy and enjoyable spa experience.

Secure and Cosy

  • Lockable cover for added security and to keep the spa cosy, preserving heat and preventing debris entry.

Bring Home the DuraSpa S380: Your Gateway to Unmatched Relaxation Elevate your relaxation experience with the DuraSpa S380, a perfect blend of luxury, innovation, and functionality. Whether for social gatherings or personal retreats, this spa is designed to exceed your expectations. Transform your backyard into a sanctuary of well-being and tranquillity.

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