RotoSpa Duo S240 - 2-3 Persons - Revamped Living
RotoSpa Duo S240 - 2-3 Persons
RotoSpa Duo S240 - 2-3 Persons - Revamped Living
RotoSpa Duo S240 - 2-3 Persons - Revamped Living
RotoSpa Duo S240 - 2-3 Persons - Revamped Living
RotoSpa Duo S240 - 2-3 Persons - Revamped Living
RotoSpa Duo S240 - 2-3 Persons - Revamped Living

RotoSpa Duo S240 - 2-3 Persons

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Indulge in Blissful Retreats with the RotoSpa DuoSpa S240 – Your Ideal Compact Spa

Seeking a personal sanctuary without leaving your doorstep? Look no further than the RotoSpa DuoSpa S240 – the ultimate compact spa designed for intimate relaxation with your loved one.

Cosy Yet Spacious 2-Person Soaking Experience: Escape the notion that spas are synonymous with large gatherings. The DuoSpa S240 is a meticulously crafted 2-person spa, ideal for intimate therapy sessions for you and your partner. With two natural reclining seats, this compact marvel allows you to unwind, targeting tension in your neck, shoulders, back, and feet. Adjustable jets, air bubbles, and rotating nozzles deliver a personalized spa experience.

Don't be fooled by its size; the S240, at 1.8m x 1.2m, provides comprehensive hydrotherapy in a 2-person spa designed for smaller backyards and cosy getaways.

Tailored for Your Relaxation – Engineered by RotoSpa: RotoSpa doesn't just manufacture spas; they create a portable home hydrotherapy experience. The DuoSpa S240 is a testament to innovation, shaped seamlessly from durable ultra-high blow polyethylene foam, eliminating the need for timber and metal frames. The result is a lightweight, solid spa tailored for home relaxation.

Energy-Efficient Spa Sessions: With escalating energy prices, the DuoSpa S240 offers a well-insulated spa that keeps running costs low. RotoSpa's revolutionary ultra-high blow polyethylene foam insulation system ensures maximum heat retention. The S240's energy-efficient pump and heater reduce energy bills by up to 35% compared to similar spas, providing on-demand hydrotherapy without breaking the bank.

Proudly Made in Britain: As the exclusive spa manufacturer in the UK, RotoSpa oversees every production step. From design to final testing, quality control remains in British hands. By keeping manufacturing local, RotoSpa guarantees quick, responsive support throughout your spa's lifetime – a commitment to delivering the best spas proudly made in Britain.

Portable Relaxation – Anytime, Anywhere: Life's too short to be tied to one place. The DuoSpa S240's beauty lies in its portability and flexibility. Weighing just 90kg empty, it surpasses other outdoor spas in lightness. Its compact dimensions allow it to fit through most gateways and doorways (71cm or wider).

Transform your small balcony into an urban oasis or slot the compact DuoSpa S240 into cosy spaces like patios, terraces, and rooftops, bringing luxurious hydrotherapy wherever you go.

Effortless Installation and Maintenance: Say goodbye to the challenges of installing and maintaining portable spas. The S240's lightweight design eliminates the need for cranes or hoists. Set it in place, connect the components, and let the built-in ozone filtration system take care of water freshness with minimal chemical use. User-friendly controls make temperature, jet pressure, and filtration cycle adjustments a breeze, leaving you more time to relax.

Lifetime Shell and Cabinet Guarantee: RotoSpa's confidence in their portable spas is evident with the DuoSpa S240's lifetime guarantee on the shell. Engineered for longevity, both the shell and cabinet are built to last, ensuring a lifelong companion for relaxation.

Environmentally Friendly – 100% Recyclable Construction: At RotoSpa, environmental consciousness is paramount. The DuoSpa S240 utilizes materials that are almost 100% recyclable, including the insulation. Investing in a DuoSpa S240 means embracing better sustainability, reducing energy bills, and your carbon footprint while luxuriating in your eco-friendly oasis.

The DuoSpa S240 isn't just a spa; it's your passport to paradise. With energy-efficient performance, relaxing massage jets, British craftsmanship, a smooth and lightweight shell, ozone water sanitization, recyclable materials, and backed by a lifetime shell and cabinet guarantee – the DuoSpa S240 is the epitome of luxury in a portable package. Bring a touch of opulence home and turn every day into a spa day with the DuoSpa S240!

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Size: 1820 x 1210 x 700 mm (perfect for small 2-person hot tubs)
  • Weight: 90 kg (empty), 600 kg (filled with water)

Water Capacity:

  • Soothing water capacity: 550 litres


  • 24 x luxury hydro jet package
    • 12 x multipoint air injector jets.
    • 4 x 3" adjustable rotational pulse jets.
    • 8 x 3" directional pulse jets.


  • Comfortable seating for 2-3 persons
    • Ideal for 2 adults and a child
    • Perfect for intimate, relaxed soaking

Electrical Supply:

  • 240V 13 amp 'plug & play' option for easy setup
  • Alternative 240V 16 amp hard-wired connection for flexibility


  • Powerful 2kW Titanium corrosion-resistant heating element
  • Ensures efficient and reliable heating for an indulgent soak


  • Efficient 1.5HP 2 Speed pump and turbo air blower for optimal water circulation


  • Intelligent, PowerSmart Spa control system for easy and efficient operation


  • 2 Relaxed headrests for added comfort


  • 12 mood-setting LED colours to create the perfect ambiance


  • Revolutionary ultra-high blow polyethylene foam spa insulation
  • Ensures superior insulation throughout the entire cabinet, spa base, and rear of the spa shell

Water Care:

  • Sanitizing ozone technology for crystal-clear and hygienic water


  • Lockable cover for added safety and to retain heat, keeping your spa cosy

Air Control:

  • 'Silent' air control system adjusts the air stream in hydro jets, enhancing massage intensity while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere

The DuoSpa S280 is a masterpiece of compact luxury, delivering a comprehensive spa experience with its powerful jets, intelligent controls, and thoughtful design. Immerse yourself in pure relaxation, knowing that every detail has been crafted for your comfort.

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